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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Today I was fortuitous enough to meet up and talk with a fellow classmate Tyler Troiano. I couldn’t believe what I heard when I asked him what was the most traumatizing even in your life was: “I think I was three years old when I went to go pet my babysitter's dog and it jumped up and bit me in the face. My mom raised home from work to bring me to the hospital.” I was sure that Tyler must have gotten stickers but “I didn't need any stitches” left me mind bottled. I was curious to see if Tyler was interested in living anywhere else. I was honestly shocked by “I am perfectly content with Norton” when Tyler could have picked anywhere! “I like staying close to my family and friends” made me understand why Tyler doesn't want to leave!

I got a laugh out of “eighth grade in class when I paced out during the movie the Miracle of Life” when I begged Tyler to tell me the most embarrassing event in your life. I wondered if Tyler and I had a favorite food or drink in common. “For food being basic probably buffalo wings and for a drink umm Arnold Palmer” which made me realize we have very different food tastes!

I wanted to know the type of person Tyler was by questions him if he was the type that forgive and forget or holds a grudge. “I forgive and forget probably more than I should” made me wonder why Tyler says this but sadly he didn't have a specific reason. “Zip lining” got my attention when I asked Tyler what was the craziest thing you've ever done: “it was crazy and down a mountain in New Hampshire out of random” This made me realize that Tyler must have a lot of guts and not too afraid of heights to complete the crazy even of zip lining!


  1. I witnessed when Tyler was wheeled out of his room in a wheelchair after he passed out, I laughed quite loud.

  2. Tyler should be wearing some sleeves.