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Friday, October 17, 2014


    Through the bias of Anchoring a mother that lost her child will only focus on that throughout her life. For example, the mother will always think about the tragedy of losing her child. This will affect how she feels everyday and will manipulate her emotions. For the rest of her life this event will effect her.
     Through the bias of Bandwagon effect people may buy the IPhone instead I a different type of phone. For example, when the iPhone first came out everyone wanted it. Til this day everyone wants it because everyone else has it. Many people don't even look into buying other phones because they see that everyone has the iPhone and immediately want it.
     Through the bias of In-group bias people desperate themselves depending on what they like or believe in. For example, at a football game or sports even people separate themselves on either side depending on what team they like. The Patriot fans would be on one side while the Broncos fans would be on the other.    

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