What topic should I do?

Friday, September 26, 2014


A) Incentives govern human behavior because people usually only do things if they benefit from it in someway. I feel like money is the best incentive. I think this because everyone uses money. No matter what age or who you are money will be useful in your life. By saying money is the best incentive is kind of sad because money shouldn't be whats motivating you to do what you have to get done.
B) An aesthetic experience I have had  is when I went to Vermont. When I went to Vermont I went to a huge waterfall with my family and it was the most breath taking thing I have seen still til this day. I can't even begin to put onto words how it made me feel. It was so beautiful it looked fake. Seeing things like this make me stop and think that there's so much to life and there are so many things to see. It makes me happy knowing that such beautiful things exist on this earth.

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